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Museum-grade LED display for digital art and NFTs.

Artwork by Blake Kathryn.


A Vivid Art Experience Powered by LED Technology

Designing a museum-grade canvas starts with the highest regard for mastering color and luminosity.

Immediately more vivid than the highest caliber of TV displays, Luma Canvas boasts resilient LED technology designed to operate 24/7. Unlike traditional LCD monitors, the matte surface of Luma Canvas avoids reflections and maintains deep blacks while the screen's emissive technology allows for superior contrast and brightness.

Artwork by Luna Ikuta.

Luma Canvas NFT Display for NFT Art Collectors and Digital Art Displays

Bringing Materiality to the Digital Realm

Luma Canvas is designed to meaningfully situate digital art and NFTs within the physical world by attributing a tangible presence to the art experience.

Bringing artwork to life through the widest color gamut available and an unparalleled 160-degree viewing angle, Luma Canvas delivers a viewing experience unlike any other. Encountering art on Luma Canvas is like experiencing the work for the first time. Employing a holistic approach to design, Luma Canvas represents a custom display solution which fosters presence and tactility for digital art in the physical realm.

Artwork by Sabrina Ratté


The Remote App + Dashboard

Enjoy the convenience of curating your artwork queue, canvas brightness, and sleep schedule directly from the Remote App.

  • Upload artwork directly to your collection via the Dashboard, hosted on a secure private network.
  • Luma Canvas will not have access to your wallet funds or private keys.
  • Luma Canvas is designed to operate 24/7, can play over 25 hours of video, and store up to 1,000 artworks.

Artwork by Roman De Giuli.

Luma Canvas App and digital art software. Connect cryptocurrency wallet securely.

Custom Museum-Grade Technology

Luma Canvas is a bespoke, made-to-order art object available in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of digital art formats.*

  • Never mass-manufactured, Luma Canvas is a custom-produced display solution.
  • Direct emissive illumination increases contrast and perceived resolution
  • Highest resolution available on the market in pure LED form (0.9mm - 1.2mm pitch)
  • 48-bit color processing
  • Wide Academy gamut format in DCI or BT2020
  • Refresh rate exceeding 3800 Khz
  • Professionally color calibrated

*Inquire with us about larger display solutions

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